10 Tips on Baby Care and Parenting

Baby caring tips

Babies are the most beautiful thing on earth (well, if they are not crying, that is!) and parents do everything possible to see their little ones smiling! They buy them the best clothes, the most expensive toys and needless to say shower them with love.

Having said that, taking care of a baby is not an easy task. There are a hundred things that can go wrong if one is not aware of the little details.

It is true that when a baby is born, there are a lot of things to take care of, but one could always start with baby-proofing the apartment. Once children start crawling they will want to open every drawer of every cabinet that you own, so securing your wardrobes before they arrive will come in handy.

Also, another thing that can be of use to your children is fixing up a CCTV in their nursery. You could get a monitoring camera that allows you to direct the feed to your smartphone. This way, even if you are working, you will be able to keep a check on your baby.

Since we know you love your baby to the moon and back, and there are a number of things that everyone will advise you to keep in mind, we too would like to extend that list, a tiny bit! Here are a few tips that you could use while you care for your munchkin.

10 Tips for baby care!

- Cleanliness

Your newborn is going to be sensitive to his/her environment.  And since babies do not have a strong immune system, they can contract infections pretty soon. As parents, ensure that your hands are sanitized and your surroundings, clean.

- Hygiene

Hygiene also plays a vital role in keeping the baby in good health. It needs to be bathed, fed and made to sleep according to a routine. Also, a common practice among infants is thrusting their fingers into their mouths,  but we must remember that these contain dirt.

To avoid the infection from spreading and from letting your baby hurt itself, you need to trim their nails. One could always use the new Automatic Baby Nail Trimmer. It is harmless and gentle on your baby's skin.

-  Medicines

It is often recommended that we keep a small medical kit at home. For instance, if your baby is unwell, you could always check its temperature by yourself before consulting your doctor.

For this purpose, you will not be able to use a regular thermometer; babies are too young for that. You could, however, try using a digital infrared thermometer. It measures the temperature within seconds, and will definitely not make your little one cranky!

- Soothing

Your toddler may cry very often, and you need to figure out a way to calm them down. Distraction is a good option, but sometimes you may need some more help. How about using a pacifier? These days silicon-based pacifiers are a huge trend.

The nipple goes inside as soon as your baby drops it, so you don't have to worry about infection when he picks it up and puts it back into his mouth again.


Infants need to have healthy limbs and back, so give your baby a massage on a regular basis. This can improve their digestion, blood circulation and make them feel relaxed. You can use moisturizers and oils to massage the child; this will not only help the baby but also develop a bond between you and your little one.

- Play

Exercise and play are so important for growing children, make sure you play with your toddler! While entertaining your baby remember to make it be seated in a comfortable position and one that will easily help it go to sleep. If the toddler is old enough, then you can let it play with toys that are soft and rubbery.


Your baby needs immunity to fight diseases, and this can be achieved by giving them their vaccinations on time. Now, we know how difficult it can be for a new parent to remember how many of them have to be provided and when. But do not worry! Your doctor knows the details and will surely help you out in the process!


Babies grow pretty quickly, and you need to feed them the right kind of food. For the newborns, its either breast milk or formula milk, but as the child grows, so will its food requirements. Solid foods can be given post six months, and salts and sugars can be given at this age too.

- Sleep timings

Now, we all know how much babies love to sleep! And sleep patterns differ for all growing babies. They will start out with more than 15 hours of sleep and will take a nap three times on an average. This will eventually change when the babies grow to about three months of age, where they require about 14- 15 hours of sleep. Make sure that they get sufficient time to eat and sleep!

- Crying

Babies cry for various reasons, they could be hungry, tired, sleepy or require a diaper change. Most parents do not know how to handle this! All we can tell you is try out whatever you can to soothe your baby.

Additionally, recollect the last time you changed its diaper, for fed it or put it to sleep. Also, check whether the temperature of the room is too cold or hot, that can also irritate the baby. Try this and keep your fingers crossed (or pray to god that they go to sleep)!

Conclusion :

There is no big book of rules that will tell you how to take care of your baby. And no parent in the world can know about everything beforehand or be prepared for what's coming(Trust me, no one!).   It is a journey that will have its ups and downs, and as it progresses, there will be new things to learn.

Also, parenting is a daunting task, however today, technological gadgets have made it somewhat more comfortable for you to help you learn and be aware of things that people a generation ago, had no idea about!

Lastly, your children will always be the apple of your eye, no matter how much they grow up. So, ensure that you have given them the right nutrition, values, and education to help them survive anywhere in the world.



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