Hiking Tips for Beginners & Essentials to Carry

Hiking for beginners

Hiking invariably means 'walking' in most parts of the world, however, in the US and Canada it specifically means to take long or vigorous walks. In any case, one must be prepared for what he/she might expect on a hike.                 

This recreational activity allows the hiker to take long walks along the beautiful landscapes and mountains alike. It promotes fitness and does not put a physical strain on the hiker.

Most people prefer to extend their day hikes into a night out and along with themselves, carry all the necessary hiking gears. When a trip such as this is extended for more than a day, it is known as backpacking.


Hiking for beginners

'First-time' hikers must be taught to be well equipped before their trip, or they may fall short of necessary items.

Hikers must carry the following things with them:



-First Aid

-Swiss Knife/ Multi tool




-Warmers/ Raincoats

This, however, is not an exhaustive list, anyone can add or remove items per their needs and requirements.

Beginners can travel as a duo or a group for their first few adventures, but as time passes by they may even go for solo trips.

Everyone must always be prepared for contingencies. In case,  water seems to be getting over during the trip; one could also carry a portable survival water purifier that helps filter muddy water making it fit for consumption.


Benefits of survival water filter


How should one travel?

Since hiking mainly involves walking, the hiker must ensure that he/she has the right hiking gears and indestructible military Shoes. Clothing too must be appropriate for the trip; the fabric must absorb water and not cause itching or irritation during. The person must be hydrated at all times, or it might get difficult to cover long distances.


Indestructible military Shoes


Charging a phone might be impossible during a hike, and since people may want to take photographs or need to make calls during an emergency, it is always easier to carry a backup charger, if possible a wireless power bank one.

Another hiking tip is to wear comfortable shoes.  The whole trip will be a disaster if your shoes break or do not support your activity. A tough and water proof watch for men & women is also recommended as one may encounter tough terrains and water bodies during the trip.


How to plan a Hiking trip?

-Planning is an essential part of Hiking. One should always plan the date, the number of members, what types of hiking equipments are necessary and the location of the hike.

- The weather conditions must be thoroughly checked before confirming the plan. Also, in the case of a solo hike, it is always better to inform someone before one starts their trip.

-Sometimes, the best time to go hiking is after summers. During this time, the crowd is lesser, and everyone can hike at their own pace, there is no reason you walker faster in order to make way for others.

-Make a checklist of all things that might be necessary during the trip and ensure that each box has a tick mark before you leave your home.

-The duration of the trip must also be planned. It must be decided well in advance, whether it is an all-day hike or a backpacking trip. And accordingly, the required items can be packed.

-One must not carry unnecessary items that add weight while traveling. It is better to take lightweight articles that can be easily folded or disposed.

-In case, you need a group or a partner, consider joining a hiking group. This will allow you to be a part of a community and tour a number of beautiful locations.

-Not all locations are the same; one must always do a bit of research about where he/she is heading and carry essential hiking equipment as per the trail.


Conclusion :

Hiking is the most common form of enjoying the beauties of nature. It is refreshing and hence preferred by people of all ages.

Families often plan hiking trips with their friends and colleagues to spend some time and re-kindle their bond.

Safety during hiking is also essential. With the right gears and equipment's, everybody can be sure, that a planned trip will turn out smoothly.

When people get comfortable with hiking, they also decide to expand their horizons such as, choosing a longer trail, start trekking, decide to go on difficult terrains, etc. All this adds to their persona and hones their survival skills.


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