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Skin Care - Pore Vacuum (Multifunctional Cleaning Instrument)

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Our skin has to go through so much from the moment we step out of our houses. There are dirt, dust, pollution and all kinds of particles in the air. These can cause damage to your skin and make it dull and dry.

To replenish your skin and to make its soft try using our Suction pore vacuum cleaner. This absorbs acne, mites, dirt and rehydrates your skin. The apparatus is simple to use, and it can even help you get rid of blackheads.



Some features of the Pore Vacuum are:

- It is an all-in-one product that has been designed ergonomically for easy grip.

-  The product has three levels to meet different kinds of skin requirements.

- The product also comes with 5 detachable heads, each containing a different power for suction.

- The Electric Pore Vacuum Cleaner can be recharged, so you need not replace the battery.

- Blackhead Remover Vacuum is equipped with a 53KPA strong suction to remove dirt and blackheads.





    Some of its Main features are:

    -It removes blackheads, acne, fine lines, dead skin or mites.

    -Shrink pores, dirt.

    -Efficiently cleans your skin and eliminates pores.

    -Helps in reducing wrinkles.



    Color: Comes in Ivory white/Rose gold

    Material: ABS.

    Size: 15.7x4.3x4cm.

    Power: USB Charging.

    Suction: 53KPA.


    Package Included:

    1 x Facial Pore Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remove Machine

    5 x Probes

    1 x USB Cable


    Notes: Remember to keep moving when using, do not stay in one place too long.