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Bluetooth Smartwatch For Android and IOS

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Smartwatches are in rage these days. They aren't just merely watches that tell you time; they are so much more than that! Every second person we see has a smartwatch that connects with their mobile to perform certain functions, but how do we decide which of them is the best?

Well, there is absolutely no doubt about that!  It is, of course, the "Bluetooth smart watch for Android and iOS! "

To believe that such a fantastic product exists in the market, you have to buy it!

The smartwatch for iPhone and Android works as a pedometer that helps you monitor your daily steps, calorie consumption and the distance you have traveled. All of this information can easily be tracked with the help of an app.

In addition to that, the smartwatch displays power, date, week, Heart Beat Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Content Monitoring, calorie, Sleep time- along with light and deep sleep and of course time!

The Bluetooth smart watch for iPhones and Samsung has a brilliant 0.95-inch OLED color display. It is free of backlight and self-luminous. It also includes a special feature called the anti-theft feature that notifies the owner in case the watch goes missing.

Its Movement Trajectory characteristic tracks your movements when you run, walk, ride and calculates the number of calories you have burnt in a day.

The Bluetooth watch Samsung and iPhone keeps a tab on your health. For this purpose, it records information like Blood Pressure, Blood pressure timing, Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen content, etc.

Fun tip: In case you want to click awesome pictures from your phone, simply use the watch and click a button to take the snap!

The watch displays messages and notifications from all messaging apps; here are, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, to name a few. The device also sets the alarm and an application reminder for you.

This brilliant smartwatch for iOS and Android has interesting features such as the ' do not disturb' mode, time formatting settings and options to pick up and reject a call.

The device's ultra-low power consumption Nordic chip gives it a standby time for 60 days and working time for 20 days. The battery capacity is 200 mAh.

How to use the SmartWatch?

The display has a one-touch operation and a pretty fast response

To start the device, connect your Bluetooth to it and get started with all the tracking activities!

The smartwatch is compatible with any Bluetooth with a 4.0 version, an Android system with 4.4 version or above and an iOS system 8.0 version or above.

Some incredible features of the new SmartWatch:

The SmartWatch comprises of the latest generation 2 sensor, a brand new PPG detection technology, and a new algorithm to monitor heart rate and so much more!

- It helps you measure BP in real time and saves the data for future analysis.

-  The product's IP68 professional-level waterproof technology protects it in case of exposure to rainfall, soaking and swimming. Additionally, it is dustproof too.

- When you get phone calls, you can easily read the caller id to accept or reject requests.

- The sleep monitoring system perfectly calculates the quality of your sleep, and this includes rest and work timings too.

The Smartwatch vibrates and notifies you when you get messages and calls, so you need to check your phone and often and get distracted.

The device calculates Steps, Distance statics, calorie, sleep monitoring, raise to wake and Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level, Blood Pressure to conveniently to help you take care of your health.