Portable Language Translator

This Japanese Invention Lets You Speak 43 Languages Instantly. The Idea? Genius.Speaking a foreign language is a high demand skill because of domestic cultural diversity and the number of companies doing business abroad. Foreign language skills can help you get jobs by enhancing your qualifications.

Check Out The Following Video To See Portable Language Translator In Action:

Not Multilingual?

Luckily, two famous Japanese inventors took language translation to the next level and created an instant translator called Portable Language Translator . It can easily translate real-time speech into over 40 languages using only a few finger-taps.

Thus, you don’t need to know or learn another language to be able to communicate in it. Difficulties, caused by language barriers, will soon be a thing of the past! What could be better than this?

Doesn’t even matter if you’re a social worker, doing medicine, international business, language teaching/learning or just travelling abroad - the ability to engage and communicate with customers in their own language is a huge advantage.

Why This Little Gadget Is So Special?

Instant Communication In Another Language

Learning a new language takes months and even years of dedicated studies. Portable Language Translator can transform you into an able-communicator instantly

Comfortable & Easy to Use

With its lightweight design and small size, Portable Language Translator is easy to carry around in any pocket or bag and is right there when needed. Hence the name “handheld voice translator” that you will want to use every day!

Supports Over 40 Languages

Its built-in advanced technology can support a 2-way language translation. Moreover, a text translation is also available.

Sold out

The language translator device can intelligently recognise and translate multiple languages for you. It does not matter if there is background noise or music, the device his highly sensitive and capable of translating the languages with accuracy.