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360 Panoramic Self-Shooting Motion Camera

360 Panoramic Self-Shooting Motion Camera

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With Facebook and YouTube supporting 360-degree photos and videos, do you dream of capturing your view of the beautiful landscapes too? If yes, how about we introduce you to the best all-around 360 camera! This 360 Panoramic Self-Shooting Motion Camera can take attractive 360-degree spherical images and 4K videos in four modes!

You can make the world interact in your fingertips with this super camera! It lets you watch an image with a 720-degree angle and never misses to capture anything you see from different angles! Thus letting you share your wonderful life and precious moments on any social media platforms.

Never hesitate capturing a wonderful view with this amazing Self-Shooting Camera that can give you a whole new 360 Degree virtual reality experience! It is simple and convenient to use as you can directly connect it to your smartphones and click pictures on-the-go!

It is fully compatible with Android smartphones and is this is intended to be handy for those of you who want to embrace the world from all the different angles.

It has a dual wide-angle lens, dual 210 ° fisheye lens with 360 ° transverse and longitudinal 360 ° capture that provides outstanding vision shoot to keep the scene more realistic.

Its mini look makes it portable and lightweight for carrying!

You can also share the photos and videos directly on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, WeChat and also live stream 360 videos to various platforms.

How to use it?

Instantaneously turn your Android Smartphone into a 360° Panoramic camera with this compact spherical camera! The camera can connect to your smartphone device via the micro-USB. Once attached, you can instantly start capturing 360° images and videos.

You can either stream these images or save them for later. Also, you can switch to VR mode by using a separate VR headset to create a truly startling experience!

You just need to plug and play without any complicated equipment or settings!

How does it work?

These super amazing cameras use multiple lenses to spontaneously sew up the images together and create an extraordinary capture quality for you!

The in-built advanced stabilization algorithm increases accuracy and makes it easy for you to capture smooth panoramic shots!

This results in a special camera and sets this 360 Panoramic Self-Shooting apart from the rest of the crowd!

Some amazing features of the Panoramic Self-Shooting Camera...

  • It lets you enjoy a 360-degree volume of photos and videos with a 2048 x 1024 resolution at 30fps.
  • The camera can also be used as a 360 webcam for laptops and can integrate with Skype.

  • It has a double fish lens with transverse 360° and longitudinal 360° to capture full-angle images.
  • It has additional features like chip level distortion correction, algorithm stitching, automatic white balance processing.
  • Supports multiple views like Asteroid, Fisheye, Crystal ball, VR mode, and Panoramic view.
  • It is lightweight and portable to carry around.