SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men
SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men

SaunaSuit™ - Sauna Vest For Men

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Did you ever wish for something that helps you lose weight faster? You are in luck as we present you the Body Shaping Men’s Zipper Vest that heats up your core abdominal area, to make you sweat more while performing your daily activities! You can now burn your tummy fat, abdomen, and waist fat much faster!

The material used in this vest produces higher compression resulting in more sweating to help your body sweat out those harmful fats and enhance the abdominal and spinal support!

It fits seamlessly around your midsection and works its magic all the way from your shoulders to your waistline. It also effortlessly slims your waist, tummy and tightens abdomen! Not only that, it brings that pleasant posture for your back and abs as your workout! So, wear this vest to get a firmer posture, lower back support, and sweat all day!

This professional sports waist trainer is safe to use while you are at gym, yoga, running errands or simply going out. You can wear this Body Shaping Men’s Zipper Vest under or over your regular clothes and enjoy sweating while burning calories like crazy even during those cold days!

All you have to do is put it on & INSTANTLY feel how intense any workout can get...!

These vests burn more fat and produce more heat in a workout than you can think of. Thus accelerating your weight loss process!

Its sophisticated scientific design helps you correct your posture, flatten the abdomen, and firm your tummy leading to a sculpted figure!


  • Lightweight, comfortable, and stretchy fabric that makes it easier to perform any activity.
  • Looks great with any combination of workout clothes or can even be worn under clothes.
  • It's special neoprene material rapidly increases your body temperature and at the same time absorbs sweat to always keep you dry on the outside.
  • It has an exclusive design that provides your abdominal compression and lumbar support.
  • Preserves your body heat and stimulates perspiration during activities.
  • Its innovative design helps you see the outcome much faster.


  1. Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  2. Closure: Zipper
  3. Material: 55% neoprene 22.5% polyester 22.5% nylon

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