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Foot Arch Shock Absorber

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Are your feet sore from walking? We have a great solution for your pain, the new Foot Arch Shock Absorber. This semi-sock provides you the comfort your sore feet needs! 

The cushioned arch support sole eases the pain and help your feet recover in the most natural way. Want to help your feet get better? Help them with arch pain support sole that eases your pain and help your feet recover.
The high arch insoles are designed in a way to release body pain, and the shock absorbing technology relaxes your feet.
These slip on products not only provide support, but also comfort to your tired achy feet. The foot arch shock absorber is not just meant for your feet, it helps ease pain in your feet, knees, hips and lower back. You can wear them with different types of shoes!

Foot Arch Shock Absorber Features

Natural remedy for foot pain, lifts fallen arches, fixes flat feet & other ailments.
Comfortable arch support and you can wear it every day.
You can wear them with any kind of shoes, heels, sandals, and even barefoot to reduce foot pain.
Great to wear during workouts, running, exercise and playing sports.
One size fits all no measurement required, and it will fit any kind of foot.