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The HealthW Smartwatch helps you track your calories, steps, sleep patterns, BP and heart rate. Apart from that it also functions as a regular watch by displaying time and weather.

Unlike most other brands, the company that manufactures the health monitor watch did not want to sell their name; they try to sell a products that are useful and worth its cost.

Termed as the 'best health monitor watch,' this product combines the top features that are present in the other brands but sells the product to the customer at a  fraction of the original cost.

Now, the HealthW Watch does not distinguish between men and women. Both of them can wear it comfortably,and it comes in a variety of colors!

Another exciting feature about the Health Watch, is that it syncs all your data from your smartphone. The device works perfectly with iPhone and Android, so there is absolutely no necessity to think about a new watch or spend loads of money on buying something else.

The Health Watch gives you more than just standard features; it counts the steps you take, the calories you burn and so much more!

Apart from all the above features that fitness tracker watch gives an elegant look to your overall appearance, you no longer have to match or style your watch with the outfit, wear any dress and watch and it will look perfect!