LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest
LiveLong LED Cycle Vest

LiveLong LED Cycle Vest

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With the new Cycling LED Signal Vest protect yourself while riding!  

About 50,000 cyclists get injured every year, and most of these accidents take place because cyclists are not visible while riding on the road.

At Playcity we wanted to solve this problem and ensure that cyclists feel safe while riding at any point of the day. With the help of this product, people who are driving near cyclists will be aware of and maintain a safe distance.


Benefits of the new "Rechargeable Flash LED Reflective Vest for biking ":

Your Safety -  

The LED lights and strips in the vest are pretty visible, so fellow riders and drivers will clearly see you while you are riding.

Awareness and Safety -

The LED vest has signals upon the vest, so in case you change your direction of a wish to notify drivers about anything, you can easily do that.

Cycling  Safely-

You can fix the handlebars with a wireless controller, and this allows you to easily give signals about your direction without moving your hand and losing your concentration.

Easy To Set Up -

It is quite easy to set up the device, just slip it on getting and start riding!

Rechargeable using USB-

Charging the device is super easy! You could always use a phone charger or USB power source.

Perfect Gift For Someone -

It acts as an ideal gift for your loved ones!


More about the led cycling vest:

The reflective strips on the vest ensure your safety and security while you ride.

The reflective strips make sure that you are clearly visible in any kind of light, be it the street light or a headlight.

The LED lights placed in the back of the vest ensure that the driver behind you is aware of the direction of your cycling. This is one of the safest ways to travel while you are on the main road.


More about Keeping Your Hands On The Bars:

To easily change the directions and notify your fellow riders, ensure that you place the wireless controller on the handlebar. This way you will easily be able to switch directions without lifting your hand. It also saves you from the trouble using hand signals, as this may lead to accidents!


More about the Easy Set Up:

The adjustable straps have been modified to help you give a great fit. Now, it is as easy as wearing a backpack and riding away. You need not to worry about it slipping anywhere, as the straps will perfectly fit your body.


More about the recharging the device:

Recharging the device is super easy!

Connect it to a USB port and you are sorted. You can even use your phone charger or connect it to your PC.


More About How This Is A Perfect Gift:

Any person who loves cycling or adventure will love it if you gift them the vest. It is super light, portable and durable. Hurry Now! What are you waiting for!