MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch
MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch
MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch

MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch

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Powerful EPA Technology Shields From Mosquitos.

Mosquito season is fast approaching. Itching Bites, fearful outings, upset children and the stomach-sinking panic when you find them all over your house.

MosqGuard™ uses powerful, safe-to-breath chemical scents which are undetectable to humans. The scents for form a barrier which repels ALL Mosquitos within 3 meters. It's the most powerful mosquito repellant we've ever made.

Wake up bite free: Simply stick onto bedsides to avoid becoming a feast for these disease carrying insects while you sleep. 

No need for dangerous sprays or smelly candles. A simple patch can be stuck in the car, home, on clothes, in a tent. No matter where you are, live comfortably knowing you're protected from bites and illnesses. 

Features :

  • 100% Safe and non-toxic, perfect for children or households with curious pets.
  • Can be attached to clothing, skirts, pants, socks, or even desks and beds to stop mosquitos from coming near enough to bite!
  • Mosquito Repellent patch provides powerful protection for all ages.
  • 3-year lifespan, that's 3 seasons of worry-free outdoor enjoyment!
  • Great for outdoor activities such as fishing, sunbathing, camping, hiking, or sports.
  • This aerosol-free repellent can protect your children sensitive lungs from the poisonous gasses of repellent sprays.

How to use : 

Remove from the packet and simply stick onto clothing, socks, hat, shorts, bikini, computers, desks, chairs, beds or backpacks! Anywhere you think may be at risk - attach a MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch and see the effects instantly. 

*For longest life possible packs store in an in air tight container or clip seal bag after use.*

Package Contains : 

90pcs MosqGuard™ Mosquito Resist Patch