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Multifunctional Push Up Board Training System Gym Workout

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Are you a fitness freak? Then this Multifunctional Push Up Board Training System is a treat for you. Whether you prefer going to the gym or not, bring the workout equipment at home. This Multi-color Push Up Board strengthens the entire upper body and brings it in a good shape.

With this unique color-coded power press push-up board, you can strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, and arms. The codes go like this: blue is for chest, red is for shoulders, yellow is for back, and green is for triceps.

The preset positions help you to get a proper frame and sculpt strong lean muscles. You can easily mix and match various positions for a more challenging and intense workout. The Silicone hand grips are designed in a way that will ease pressure on your wrist.

The Plug and Press Push Up Board Training System also allows you to do intense cardio to burn calories, stretching, and of course, basic exercises for a full body workout.

Despite spending tons of money in the gym, grab this body training system and develop muscles in just 30 minutes workout in a day. Also, build up and down the body force, burn calories, and lose weight.

Isn’t it amazing? This multi-colored and multifunctional push-up board is portable with non-slip oversized hand grips.

Multifunctional Push-Up Board Features

  • Multi-color and multifunctional
  • Sculpt and strengthens the upper body
  • Burn calories
  • Total-body strength and workout
  • Portable, Simple Mounting
  • Easy Storage
  • Oversized Silicone, non-slip hand grips


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Panel thickness: 18mm
  • Dimension: 59.5 cm * 18.3 cm * 1.8 cm
  • Application: Outdoor, Office, Home, Gym, etc.

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