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Muscle Training Stimulator and Fitness Device

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How many times have you convinced yourself to hit the gym? And how many times has it actually worked out? To help you solve the problem, we have introduced an excellent device known as the 'Abdominal Toner.'

The Abs Stimulator is a wearable muscle fitness device that sticks to your body during workouts and helps you get the perfect abs. The toning belt is a revolutionary product designed to tone your muscles even when you are busy doing other activities.

The Abs Stimulating Belt also works perfectly as a waist trimmer and fat burner.

You can use the equipment for muscle training, toning and exercising your abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles, etc.  The Abs belt consumes very little energy to help you release your stress and burn body fats.

The device is made up of a high-quality PU material which is non-toxic in nature. The part of the belt that sticks around your waist is odorless and safe for your skin. The stimulator is hands-free and works with remote control.

Since the device is small and portable, you could carry it anywhere to help you train and not just limit yourself to use it in the gym.

How to use a Muscle Training Stimulator And Fitness Device?

Ideally, attach the fitness device to your body and start your exercise.

Step by step process of application of the device:

-Load the 2 x AAA battery.

-Poke the hydrogel patch.

-Place the host onto the patch.

- Place the muscle toner onto your body.

-Switch the machine 'ON.'

- Click on a program to select the mode.

-Change the intensity decide whether you want to increase or decrease it.

- Press the switch for long to switch it off.

Right after you are done using the patch, clean it with a wet towel. If the patch is not sticky, you can reuse it after washing and drying it.  The EMS stimulator can be used for 20 minutes in one session, and we recommend you to take at least 3 sessions per day. The device also has an auto shut timer option, so you need not time yourself while you are busy working.

How does the Muscle Fitness Stimulator Device work?

The Muscle Fitness Stimulator Device releases a pulse to stimulate the muscle nerves; this leads to a contraction, which in turn burns fat and helps you achieve your goals.

To put it simply, the EMS Abs stimulator sends electric waves to your muscles and replicates the contractions of a regular workout.

The stimulator is also integrated with a smart chip that EMS micro-electronics, AIC artificial intelligence chip, and the  ICS intelligent control techniques to give you a fit body.

We all know that the device is wireless and portable, but another interesting thing about it is that it works on 15 different intensity levels. It also has 2-6 electrode gel pads, and two small gel pads, each of them is an independent one.

If you have undergone a recent injury, the device can help you regain muscle strength, that you may have lost during the incident.

Other fantastic features:

-It can be used for your arms and abdomen.

-It has an option for multi-position adjustment and belly, and arms stick.

-It is highly portable so that you can wear it anytime, anywhere!

- The device uses an uber technology to help your exercise your muscles scientifically.