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Pet grooming gloves
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Pet Grooming Glove

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Pet Grooming Gloves

The pet grooming gloves are a five finger innovative design to collect the shedding hair from your pets! Are you worried your pet won’t go to the salon with you? Fear not the touch of the five finger deshedding glove makes your pet feel at home, and it is the best pet hair remover available in the market.

An interesting fact about the deshedding glove is that they mimic human touch making your pet feel comfortable and at home. While your pet thinks they’re in for a nice massage with the pet brush glove, you can make sure you’re minimizing the shedding.

Pet Grooming Gloves Features & Benefits

  • The dog grooming glove mimics human touch and automatically collects the hair in the gloves, while massaging the pet.
  • Say goodbye to dog hair at home with the all new dog hair glove.
  • The hair sticks to the deshedding glove, easy to peel and throw away hair from your dog/cat post grooming.
  • Best pet hair remover has silicone tips that gives your pet a relaxing massage, and you can remove the excessive shedding hair while giving a massage.