Heating Pet Bed
Heating Pet Bed
Heating Pet Bed
Heating Pet Bed
Heating Pet Bed
Heating Pet Bed

Heating Pet Bed

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Are you looking for a versatile heated pet bed? Well, the search is over! Pet Heating Bed is the first soft, indoor OR outdoor heated pet bed on the market. Whether your cats/dogs live inside or outside, they will love the warmth this bed provides.

Place it almost anywhere-in a dog or cat house, kennel, basement, living room, garage, barn, shed, porch or any outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic heated pet bed provides dogs and cats with warmth and comfort, even in sub-zero weather. When in use, the internal thermostat is set to maintain a surface temperature that's ideal for your pet. The soft PVC exterior protects from water or those occasional “accidents” that happen with older pets.


Super reflective core insulation with outstanding thermal performance.
Ideal for keeping your pet staying warm in cold days.
Just place on any bed or place it on the floor.
Machine washable, easy to clean, no need for electricity.
The pads fit all popular sizes of a dog crate.
Thermo-reflective fiber warms the core by retaining a pet's body heat.
It can help relieve pain in arthritic pets.
Soft faux lambswool exterior for added comfort.
Material: Faux Lambswool + Heating Tin Platinum + Non-woven Fabric
Color: beige
Size: 640*460mm, 900*640mm
Package Included:
1 x Pet Blanket