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Portable Electric New Kind Shoe Dryer

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What you gonna do to your shoes or socks in wet rain or cold weather?
And what about the bad smell after wearing the shoes for the whole day?


- Our New Kind Shoe Dryer has a unique UV sterilization function which can eliminate all microbes after wearing your shoes for the whole day!

Our New Kind Shoe Dryer can help you eliminate the trouble of wet feet and foot odor, evidently make your feet dry and comfortable.

- It is suitable for all kinds of shoes/boots, especially for travel shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, cotton shoes and so on. Also, it can be used to dry your gloves or socks after playing outside with the snow.

- Timing Function, you can control the time no matter how long do you want, more convenient and portable and easy to use, save your time, power and money!

Boot Dryer Features:                              

Removes moisture inside the shoe and eliminates the growth of bacteria
Great for hikers, soccer players, golfers, tennis players, fishermen, skiers, etc
Fits for leather shoes, cloth shoes, cotton shoes, rain boot, etc.
Low power consumption and economical

Specification :
Material: ABS Shell
Rated power: 200W
Rated voltage: 220V 50Hz

The temperature of blowing out hot air: About 40°C when the environment temperature is at around 20°C.
Set the drying time(Please note that the sheet content is the situation when your shoes are wet)

Drying time:
Sneakers, tourist shoes:About 20 mins
High boots:About 20 mins
Leather shoes:≤ 15 mins