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Portable Handheld Steam Iron

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The portable handheld steam iron is a revolutionary product; it lets you iron your clothes and leaves them clean and wrinkle-free. The product is equipped with a  blasting steam feature and Ceramic Sole-plate that heats up instantly to give you the best results.

Don't you think its time to move on from the old ways of ironing your clothes? Maintain the pleats of your pants, flatten your blouse and get a crease-free shirt with the help of the all-new magic portable handheld steam iron.

The portable steamer will work as a perfect companion to your home iron. Additionally, you can easily pack it with you when you travel. It takes hardly any space and lets you cut down the cost of ironing when you are moving around.

The device is one of the best handheld garment steamers that you will find around. It has a dial to help you control and set the temperature of your choice. You could always change the levels depending on what type of fabric you are working with.


Some specifications related to the fabric are:

176°F-248°F - Nylon, Lace

248°F-320°F - Wool, Silk

320°F-428°F - Cotton, Linen

Now, experience the joy of effortless ironing sterilization of clothes.

You can work the portable handheld steam iron on two modes:

  1. Blasting Steam Mode:

Use the steamer to ease the crease off your clothes and for ironing, sterilizing and cleaning.

  1. Iron Mode:

Use this mode to simply remove wrinkles on the clothes by placing the steam on the ironing board.


A few accessories that come with the steamer:

  1. Fabric Bristle Brush:

You can use this to remove dust and dirt while steaming. Also ideal in cleaning couches, blankets carpets, and curtains.

  1. Lint Brush:

Helps you remove the toughest of the stains without burning your clothes.


    The product is available in

    -US Plug

    - UK Plug and

    - EU Plug


       How To Use the Handheld Steam Iron :

       - First, pour some water into the steamer [not more than 100ML].

      - Then, set the temperature according to what you need.

      - Plug the iron in and wait for a minimum of 30 seconds.

      - Press the steam button.


      Features of the portable hand-held steamer:

       -Dual Mode (Steaming or Ironing), Additional Brush Accessories

      -Rated voltage: 220V/110V

      -Frequency: 50Hz

      -Power: 800W


      1 Set of the Portable Handheld Steam Iron includes:

      -1 Portable Handheld Steam Iron

      -1 Durable Base

      -1 Fabric Bristle Brush

      -1 Lint Brush

      -1 Measuring Cup