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Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion

Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion

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Sitting for hours together in one place can put pressure on your back and spinal cord. In fact, most of the jobs today require that we remain seated. While on one end, we complete our tasks but on the other, we suffer from pain and discomfort.

To relieve yourself from pain and stress, try out the all-new Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion flexes. Place the cloud shaped foamed pillow below your buttocks and sit comfortably. The Memory Foam Seat Cushion conforms to your body shape and absorbs the key pressure points.

The structure of the comfort cushion is a patented polymer-bind honey-comb structure. It brilliantly supports the pelvic and lower spinal cord by reducing the pressure on the body while ensuring the inflow of blood to legs and feet.

Customers who have bought the foam cushion say that it feels like they are on cloud 9!

The cushion also helps in reducing back pain and acts as an orthopedic seat.



The Honeycomb structure of the cushion allows the air to circulate ensuring that the cushion remains cool. It's Structured Nano Technology collapses to provide comfort and support to your body. When used for extended periods, the cushion will also help you reduce pressure on the pelvic area.



Color: Blue.

Weight: 1000g.

Material: Patent Poly-Bind Silicone.

Size: 40 x 34 x 4 cm.



1 x Gel Cushion.