Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset
Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset

Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Headset

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Using a smartphone is super cool, yes! But have you heard of a Smart bracelet?

A Smart bracelet uses a Nordic CPU semiconductor technology to help you keep up with your notifications and messages. It can be worn around your hand like a bracelet and can also be used as a Bluetooth when you wish to receive calls.

The Smart Bracelet with Bluetooth Headset is also a Fitness Tracker. Additionally, it lets you attend calls and even listen to music!

The smartwatch with Bluetooth earphones uses very less power. It is made up of low power sensors and is designed to have long battery life. The bracelet ensures that the user experiences no issues during communication.

The Bluetooth headset is slim in nature, and so is the smart bracelet. It tracks your fitness activities and manages your daily routine.  Also, once you put the bracelet on and say, step into a party, it will definitely be the center of attraction.

Our Bluetooth headset wristband has a 0.96 inch OLED screen that supports app notifications; you can easily check it on the bracelet instead of the watch. It even supports noise-canceling technology to provide you with disruption free calls.

The caller ID on the watch displays the phone number so you that you can receive calls with a single touch.

An inbuilt pedometer ensures that the watch keeps track of your daily activities. Additionally, the device works on both iOS and Android systems.

The Smart bracelet is a package of a smartwatch, a detachable Bluetooth and a fitness band.

How can one use the Smart Bracelet?

All you need to do to get your calls, music and fitness tracker started is pair the Bluetooth of the smartphone with your smart bracelet.

You have to pair your Bluetooth with the smart bracelet and start receiving calls, or listen to music or track your fitness on the app!

The  Smart Bracelet Watch is a touchscreen.

Interestingly, the dial of the smartphone can be removed. It can then independently work as a Bluetooth device.

Our Smart bracelet can even track your sleep rate, heartbeat and display the results on its OLED screen.

How does Smart Bracelet actually work?

It has a Nordic CPU semiconductor processor that is inbuilt to give you a fantastic experience.

The app keeps track of your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, track steps, runs, calorie, distance. You can even set your goals and checks whether you have fulfilled it.

Check out some additional features of the Smart Bracelet!

- It lets you make calls by syncing the contacts on your phone with the Bluetooth.

- It is made up of an all-metal body with a CNC molding, so you need not worry about it, incase you happen to drop it.

- It even monitors your blood pressure and the oxygen levels in your body.

- It has a high-precision heart -rate sensor that can monitor your heartbeat every minute for 24 hours in a day. It even shows the results in the form of synchronized charts for our reference.

- The bracelet has an inbuilt pedometer that can monitor your path; it also includes a GPS tracking function to record your activities more scientifically.

- It even records your sleep patterns to assist you with the best possible sleep quality.

-  It is compatible with the USB 3.0 charger that makes it easier for users to charge it.

- It has an in-built 200 mAh lithium battery.

-Some other features include an alarm clock, calculator, compass, calendar, and stopwatch.