Smokeless Electric Infrared Grill
Power smokeless grill
Smokeless Electric Infrared Grill
Smokeless Infrared Grill
Smokeless Electric Infrared Grill
Smokeless Electric Infrared Grill

Smokeless Electric Infrared Grill

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Food, when overcooked or undercooked, is not healthy. Do you struggle to keep the original taste of the food and cook with minimal usage of oil? If yes, we have a solution for you! Our 3D Electric Grill uses an infrared heating method that retains the original taste of the food.

It features a 3D all-around cooking for an evenly cooked healthy meal. Thus letting you enjoy the natural deliciousness with this no-smoke electric grill!

Little or no oil is necessary to cook the food on this electric grill. This, in turn, keeps you in good shape and lets you care for your body!

This 3D smokeless BBQ maintains a certain temperature from inside and outside to evenly heat the food on the electric pan! The food heated by this method tastes tender and won't dry up easily! Also, there is no smell, smoke, and oil splashes during the cooking.

The direct infrared heating pan is designed to not produce the burning gas or coal dust and at the same time provide a healthy meal! You can stay worry-free about burning the food as there is an even distribution of heat all over the pan.

It also has a unique automatic cooling function at the top to distribute the heat evenly and extend the lifespan of the grill.

This 3D penetrating barbecue focuses on giving you a healthier lifestyle as the infrared ray lamp effect is very good for your health!

How to use the Electric BBQ?

Just insert the circular pan on the main Infrared Grill and turn on the 3D Electric Grill. Your delicious food will be cooked from infrared heating!

You can also find a container that collects excess of oil you used to cook the food so that you can maintain a healthy diet.

After cooking you can take off this plate and wash it!

How does the Electric BBQ work?

We have introduced Germany’s RYFORD thermostatic smoke-free temperature control system. This makes the food roasted more by the food and less by the oil for a healthier you!

Apart from that it also has an innovative oil-based design to filter out any excess of oil you have used.

The Infrared Infiltration Baking technology cook food from the inside and keeps the natural essence of the food. It interesting roasting style uses the infrared ray emitted from the top part as a direct heat source and cooks the meat from the inside and thus keeps the meat juices too!

There are multiple heating vents at the top of the heating area that are designed to effectively release the temperature and cook the food evenly.

The heat from the bottom of the pan will cook the bottom part of the food and the radiant heat from the top part cooks the upper part of the food. Thus cooking your food evenly without burning.

Some amazing features of the Electric BBQ…

  • It has a high quality non-stick BBQ that comes with an easy to use infrared cooking mode.
  • Easy to use and lets you to efficiently cook your food.
  • The direct irradiation of infrared light makes your food tasty, delicious and healthy!
  • It is very easy to alter the time in infrared heating mode and has five levels of temperature adjustment.
  • Easy maintenance as it has a non-stick pan.
  • An eco-friendly product without any harmful substances.
  • The BBQ fully absorbs the infrared heat to maximizes utilization of heat energy.

  • There is a fan in the lamp cover for cooling.
  • With this new Infrared 3D technology, you can grill your food indoors and outdoors.
  • The design has been studied specifically to put the machine on a center table to have a group grilling while you eat.