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Super Absorbent Door Mat Outdoor Rug

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Do your kids or pets bring dirt inside the house, even after wiping their feet and shoes on the doormat? Now, say no more to muddy and dirty floors as we bring you this Super-Absorbent Outdoor Rug that will not allow any dirty to step in your house, even during rainy days.

Regular rugs or rubber mats sometimes leave dirt and mud on the bottom of shoes to be tracked into your home. But this Magic Doormat will absorb the dirt on the rug itself. It’s super fibers soak up the mud and water.

If you are concerned about how would you clean the Absorbent Doormat, then worry not, it is machine washable.

Also, you don’t have to worry about slipping or skidding on floor mats anymore. This outdoor rug has a powerful non-slip backing that grips on any inside/outside floor type, without leaving marks and strong stitched edges for an elegant look and longer lasting.

This Absorbent Non-Slip Mat can also be used as the litter rug for your precious pets. This product makes a nice rug for your dogs and cats to play and eat.

Super Absorbent Outdoor Rug Features

  • High-quality, Eco-friendly Safe Material
  • Hand and Machine Washable
  • Super-absorbent to keep floors clean and dry
  • Non-slip, Non-Skid doormat
  • Can be used as Pet Rugs
  • Great for Heavy Duty Messes
  • Super Absorbent Fibre Soak Up:
    • Mud
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Slush
    • Sleet


    • Material: Polyester (55 % Cotton & 45 % Microfiber)
    • Size: 46 * 71cm
    • Color: Black, Brown
    • Shape: Rectangle

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