USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer
USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer

USB Powered Cute Foot Warmer

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To keep yourself healthy you should keep your foot warm always as it is severely exposed to cold more than any other parts of your body. Our huge USB Powered Foot Pad is sure going to make this winter a little more warmer for you!

Made of cozy Cotton and Polyester, this slipper is warm enough to take chill off your feet. It feels more like wrapping your feet in an electric blanket!

Best thing is that it is huge enough to fit both your foot inside and can be used by anyone in your family. It makes the warmest Christmas gift ever!

Its lovely design is a blend of class, warmth and comfort. Hence gives that excellent touch feeling.

There is a detachable USB cable with which it can be plugged into your PC port, Mac, power bank, or any other USB port and enjoy the warmth all day.

This portable foot warmer still holds the heat even after you have detached it from USB to give that cozy comfort for much longer time.

When you think it looks dirty you can wash it too!

It is made of cotton and polyester material and the sole are made of rubber.

They are made of soft, luxurious materials and can heat up to 107 F!

You will love how convenient a foot warmer can get!

How to use the USB Powered Foot Warmer?

The USB powered Foot Warmer is the best warmer when you are sluggishly browsing the internet or just watching a movie in a cold winter.

You have to connect your foot treasure to your computer via a USB cable or just use an outlet adapter to get all the warmth your foot needs instantly!

You will still get the warmth even after you have disconnected the foot warmer from the USB. The battery can store the warmth for some time. Now, isn’t that convenient?

How does it work?

The infrared heat warms up the slippers once the USB is connected to your PC and definitely not the air around it. Infrared heat is known to help get rid of any bad blood circulation and cold feet problems.

Also the high quality fabric used to make the slipper gives a better warmth effect and makes it more comfortable to use!

Some amazing features of USB Foot Warmer…

  • Huge in size and has a one-size-fits-all design.
  • It has a lovely design that is comfortable and safe to use.
  • The foot warmer’s bottom is thickened with scrub pads. This makes it durable and non-slip.
  • The Foot Warmer contains a heating pad that functions on a reliable and safe 5 volt USB power.
  • Plug and play, no drivers required.
  • It has a hi-tech heating equipment that makes it safe to use this foot warmer anytime and anywhere.
  • The cord is nice and long, so you'll still be able to stretch out and make yourself comfortable.