Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof
Sports Smart Watch Waterproof

Sports Smart Watch Waterproof

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Modern technology is synonymous with Smartwatches, and they are more than just a statement today! Ever think of getting a watch that is smart and works as a pedometer?

Here's the new 'Waterproof digital sports watch'!

The smartwatch will be your personal trainer and health assistant. It displays time, date, distance traveled and calories you have  burnt.

Created especially for fitness enthusiasts, this waterproof sports watch helps you track the intensity of your workouts, set targets and meet them.

The device easily gets connected to your phone via Bluetooth and sends call reminders and app notifications, so you do not miss even a single message!

The next thing you can do after connecting your phone is sync the data from the smartwatch into the mobile app.

The sports smart 'waterproof' watch is a multi-functional device and uses a quartz crystal to display time; and at the tip of your fingertips, you can record details like calories consumed, the total distance covered, etc.! What an excellent way to manage your health and fitness goals isn't it?

How does one use it?

Connect your waterproof sports smartwatch to the phone, download the app and the device will immediately start tracking your data.

The waterproof smartwatch for Android and iPhone has 4 buttons; these perform the below-mentioned functions.



-Mode and


The smartwatch also comes with a button battery that can be replaced after every 8-12 months.

The sports smartwatch is easily compatible with iOS and Android devices.

When connected to your phone, the smartwatch lets you access the camera on your phone using the "S1" button.

Some incredible features of the Smartwatch:

- The waterproof smartwatch has an FSTN LCD full viewing screen, and its case is made of TPU material.

- The watch has a back-light that gives clearly lets you see the display even when there is no much light around you.

-  Its built-in button battery can last up to 8 months when the usage is normal and upto 12 months under power saving mode.

- You do not need to charge the device on a daily basis.

- When you set the alarm on the device, it only wakes you up and not the others around you!

- Can be extensively used for outdoor sports and activities.

-  The watch has a 50M and IP67 Professional Waterproof capability, which is the highest number when it comes to waterproofing abilities of the device.

-The smartwatch sends you an alert when you get calls and messages.