best wireless doorbell with camera
Wireless Doorbell with Camera
wireless doorbell with video
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WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell
best wireless doorbell with camera
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door bell camera
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Doorbell with camera and speaker

Wireless Video Doorbell

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Do you think that not being home at the right time means you no longer get your packages when you need them? Do you want to enhance the security system at your place? Then the one stop solution to all your problems, right here!

The Wireless Doorbell with Camera is a one-of-its-kind gadget that will pump up the security at your place and let you know who stopped by.

The WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell lets you see who arrived at your doorstep by displaying the video on your phone screen. You could even use the doorbell as an intercom to communicate a message to the visitor.

In case you wish to merely speak to the visitor without letting him know whether you are at home or not, you could always use your smartphone and do it. The device is one of the best wireless doorbells with camera. To help reduce break-ins and increase the security at your place connect the same to smart locks and hubs. When this is done, you will be notified each time someone lands up at your door and rings the doorbell.

Another interesting feature of the 'wireless doorbell with video'   is that it is equipped with infrared vision. And this means that you need not to be worried about the safety of your house, even at night.

Some features of the Wifi Enabled Doorbell Camera are:

- It is very simple and easy to use.

- It ensures the security of your house.

- The Wireless WiFi Doorbell has ultra-low power consumption.

- It notifies the resident if someone is trying barge in.

- It records your door entrance and sends the live feed to your phone, tablet, etc.

- The motion sensors immediately alert the resident when there is a visitor.

- The infrared night vision feature is also enabled.

-  You can further connect the Smart Video Doorbell to smart locks and hubs.

- One could simply speak using the intercom facility in case they are not at home.

A few Specifications:

Working power supply: The Voltage is: 12VDC

Working current of the doorbell: 20mA

Working ambient temperature that is necessary for functioning: -10 ℃ -45 ℃

Working relative humidity is: 40% RH-90% RH

The color of the Product: White and spray silver

Material: Made up of ABS plastic material, anti-oxidation or discoloration

Installation procedure: Wall hanging or double-sided adhesive paste

Overall size of the wireless doorbell: 86 * 86 * 25 mm/3.39 *3.39 * 0.98 in

Box Content

1 * Smart Wireless WiFi Visual Doorbell

1 * Pack of Installing Screws

1 * User Manual