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Wonder™ Space Saving Hanger

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Save an incredible amount of space and your time with the all-new Wonder Space Saving Hanger!

Did you ever open your wardrobe and drown under the pile of clothes? Find it impossible to look for your clothes in the last minute?

Oh and how often do you remove a perfectly ironed shirt from the hanger only to find that there are wrinkles all over it!

Here is the one stop solution to all your problems, the Wonder Space Saver Hanger! Now, you need not cringe each time you open the closet, instead just pick the clothes that you need and save your time!

The hanger lets you neatly organize your clothes, and it is a super space saver since you can hang more than three pieces of clothing on each hook. You can easily hang a number of clothes without constantly having to think about the ironing!

Some benefits of using the Wonder Space Saving Hanger:

- The Magical Space-Saving hanger helps you save 80% of your closet space. You can either hang it vertically or horizontally. Although, by hanging it vertically, you can accommodate multiple clothes at the same time.

-  The hanger is perfect for individuals who do not have a big wardrobe in their living space. To make the most of the hanger, you could always use up to 2 garments per slot.

- Keeping shirts, pants, and jackets wrinkle-free and clean has never been so simple, the Wonder Hanger Space Saving Organizer even makes it easy for us to re-arrange our closet.

- The Wonder Hanger is strong and sturdy so you can hang all kinds of clothes without any space constraints!

What's more?  Now that you have so much space to fill, you can always go shopping and trust the space-saving hangers; they've got your back!          

- You could even hang your heavy jackets and bags, the wonder space saving hanger is well-equipped to hold these too!

A little something about the product:

Each Wonder Hanger contains 5 slots and can hold up to 30lbs of weight. It works like magic for any kind of hanger be it wood, plastic or metal.

Material: Plastic / Stainless Steel